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Creativity and The Corporate Logo

Apple-logos Inc. Magazine just released an awesome slideshow featuring the evolution of some of the most famous corporate logo's in today's culture- along with the images come details behind the creative minds, the creations and what the icon's were meant to represent. 

Today's decorating trends are represented as well- there is the monochromatic famous apple, which reminds us of the tone on tone , popular metallic thread look used often for tech companies on black garments. There are tags, icon's and streamlined symbols accompanied by little or no text. In general the look is clean and streamlined, simple yet strong. Yet still, that does not mean the decorating must be sparse, instead it could be creatively well planned. 

If your client has a logo that translates well to applique, try this new look utilizing lettering or a symbol or icon present in their corporate image. If your client likes the look of embroidery, and the logo has multiple parts, add secondary or third locations with each design simply done, a tag on the nape of the neck, a small line of text on the sleeve, a symbol on the chest. 

Photo Consider your client's corporate logo creatively and what decorating techniques are well suited. Left, we have been able to etch the clients' entire logo, name, symbol and tag, in a jacket back location.Etching can be done with subtle small locations, down the sleeve , left chest vertically , across the back... - the options are endless and the tone on tone look is flattering on a bright colored garment. 

Most importantly, make sure you know your client's corporate logo well. Use this Download Classic_Conversion_Pantone_A4_PDF to appropriately match PMS colors to thread, and make sure you match the client's corporate style to the right decorating technique. Your options are endless.. and to get your creative juices stirring.. check out our album of recent swatch samples. 

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