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Make It Easy, A Cool Tech Tool You Can Use

Photo We want you to work smart.. It will save you time and money. We also want to be able to discuss your designs with you, in detail- and we want you to be able to view and discuss your digitized designs with your client.

Here is a cool tool you can use- and if you use a smart phone- you can be even cooler. Read on..

Imagine if you were having lunch with a client , and you were able to pull up his design exactly how it was embroidered last time. You could discuss color changes, and specifics with the image on screen as it was sewn. With Ambassador software you can save it as a jpeg, and view it on your smart phone over lunch, just try not to spill any salsa on the screen.. those smart phones are expensive.

At EU Inc. we are committed to tech tools and use the latest embroidery technology. The maker of our software, Pulse Microsystems offers Ambassador, an easy to use, free software just for you. Ambassador will allow you to view the digitized files, change colors, even resize and more.. ( if you really want to get more technical..) 

A great cool tool you can use. Think smart. For more ideas on being a thought leader, social media and business 101, click here to visit Bruce's Business 101 Blog..