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The Business bait and switch......alive and well in today's corporate apparel market

Trust The business bait and alive and well. A client came in this morning to drop off an order of a hundred shirts. The client asked if I had heard of this "new" brand. I didn't recognize it so I opened the box. Upon further inspection I commented that the label had been removed and replaced. Further inspection revealed the hang tag had been removed as had all labeling from the box. Needless to say the client was surprised. Even more so when he ran the RN # through the FTC to find the manufacturer was in North Carolina. So he calls the company to learn that they would be more than willing to sell him the garments. He establishes an account and finds that the shirts will cost him $10.99 NOT the $19.00 that he was going to pay this other sales person.

Another sales rep playing fast with the facts. Doesn't happen too often but then when it does...  

Recently, on my blog small business 101, I wrote about the " trust" factor.. interesting connection. 



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