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How to Sell Laser Applique and Make Great $$$

Photo Photo We have a growing number of distributors who are selling laser appliqued apparel- and their customers are loving the unique, new look . These same customers are taking healthy re-orders too and because we don’t want YOU missing out..Here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. Selling something something new and unique gives you a reason to start a new conversation. Pick up the phone and call that old client who may have taken his apparel program somewhere else. Chances are he hasn’t seen this process yet, and you can be the first to introduce it. 
  1. Look for for new prospects. Remember when you first got in the business? Every restaurant you dined in seemed like a new sales opportunity? That is how fresh and exciting laser applique is- because most companies have never seen their logo decorated this way. You have an exclusive to sell, a new technique they have never seen. 
  2. Look at logo’s all around you. Laser applique lets you use radically different textures of fabric to illustrate a logo. There are new prospects all around you that you can approach simply by showing them their logo in a way that has never been seen before. Look for these types of logo’s to get you started selling applique.  

    Logo’s with symbols. Any type of symbol, combined with lettering ( or not) can be       a good fit with laser applique. ( ie; The Mac Apple)  

    Word Art logo’s. Highly stylized lettering can be a great fit with applique. 

    Logo’s with a vintage, or retail appeal. 

    Logo’s with simple art element’s combined. 

    Logo's that communicate a cutting edge, hip, youthful or fashion type  feel.

   Complex logo’s that would typically require a large volume of embroidery stitches
( Because applique uses stitched down pieces of fabric pieces to cover large areas    with fewer stitches) 

    Dare to be different. Bidding on a new client? Make a statement by submitting     a sample of their logo using laser decoration. You will stand out , be memorable     and more than likely be the only distributor offering this process. 




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Report from our correspondent the battle of a focus of CBA league matches is medium last night, 81 teams advocate the Qingdao team that with 99 90 conquer Mai Di is in. Sheet says from result of victory or defeat, this is an extremely average game only, but because of of last hour stop contest farce, this is destined again is race of sex of a topic.
Because be opposite,the special foreign aid when uses a 81 lines policy, qingdao team bishop drills Benchangbi surpasses Zhang Shizhang decision defeat sb by a surprise action, on first match clique complete China class battle array. Ideal is very plump, reality however bone feeling, although 81 teams spent period of at the height of power and splendour already, but if true direct ratio goes all out complete China class, CBA still raises team to dare say without where hundred surely win. Especially the Qingdao group that domestic player suffers bad-mouth, first with 14 37 lagged behind 23 minutes, your person is surprised.
It seems that Qingdao respect is early the vast power that knows double foreign aid, the dangerous use that just agrees to lag behind at risking big score is full China class tactics. Begin from the 2nd, qingdao team begins to seek branch slowly, arrived the last hour of the match, be concerned about of victory or defeat is lighted afresh again. But the matting that this kind of dramatic gut is dog blood climax only --
The match still is remained finally 28 seconds, the match is interrupted, because of Qingdao team to the judgment sentence punish have an opinion: Ever will divide difference to chase after to in the in be being attacked Qingdao before differ 3 minutes only, but 81 teams aggression is subsequently medium, 24 seconds monitor shows the scene already 24 seconds are overtime, but the judgment was not sentenced punish 81 teams to attack overtime renegue, it is Wang Zhi mosts rob next bank, nan of book of secondary attack Liu is cast medium 3 minutes, 81 banner 6 minutes, subsequently Qingdao is complained to technical stage immediately, the match is interrupted temporarily.
Had appeared on Chinese football competition ground before " stop contest " incident, in this night, appear on CBA competition ground. The match interrupted hind of ten minutes of left and right sides to break line add to pass, but attentive fan should can discover, return afresh when Qingdao team on field, mai Di did not appear. The circumstance at that time already very clear, qingdao team lost game already was decided, because the result cannot be changed,Dan Maidi is not absolutely not show one's face in public, specific because,be what, every fan can have his understanding.
the Mai Di that takes to this field match, he goes out more than 10 years, also be in NBA experienced and knowledgeable, but it is inexperienced and ignorant that he is afraid of pass this kind of case. In former days NBA big wrist comes to China, must want to get used to the new thing that two kinds of different jordans for sale basketball culture clash bring about slowly, for instance the judgment is sentenced punish measure, for instance the change sides in a war of visiting team fan. Anyhow a word, mai Di thinks to want actual strength only probably excellent, can gallop CBA, but his absolutely wants to be less than, CBA still has a few new elements so than NBA, must want to suit.
But no matter He Hua amounts to Maidiru, how had made psychological preparation, very difficult also expect arrives, can produce field event because of clock problem. After the farce that has experienced this one evening probably, he can examine CBA afresh. And Mai Di just is experienced first probably, had minded in such incident on CBA competition ground actually did not blame
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