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June 2011

4 Easy Steps to Spark , Engage & Grow Your Business

Photo It’s exciting and fresh,- and your enthusiasm can be contagious. As you educate your customer, You smile, you are focused, the positive and upbeat nature in your voice commands attention, it’s tone compelling as you explain the popularity and success with new technology mixing with promotional apparel. QR codes/ tags, laser etch visibility or the fashion appeal of applique. 

 New ideas can spark conversation. New ideas give you a reason to call that out of reach prospect, touch base with your customer- ENGAGE.  

Everyone is looking to grow their business. These 4 easy steps move you forward. 

  1. Attract: Attract new prospects. 
  2. Convert: Convert prospects into clients.
  3. Expand: Expanding existing business.
  4. Execute: Execute sales/fill orders. 

Positive, successful new trends and ideas attract attention. Giving prospects a new interactive use for promotional apparel and QR codes/tags is a great attention getting tool.

Using laser applique as a way to stand out in the call for embroidered apparel program bids is another way.  

Being the first to combine an attractive, value priced apparel product with the right decoration process and client is yet another way. You can use all of these ideas to get inspired by attending our Open House event Trends & Technology, Wed. June 15th. Drop by eu inc. between 9-11 to get informed, get inspired. 

Visit our EU Inc Open House Page for more info. Hope to see you there!




Interactive Promotional Apparel

Facebook_Icon250 Sell your clients on the unique, appealing concept of combining not just web addresses, or facebook url's- but now embroidered QR codes, Microsoft Tags and SMS Text Campaign Messages into their promotional apparel lines.

We can custom digitize and embroider your client's QR code or Tag, with beautiful scannable stitching and custom color contrast, i.e; famous facebook blue , color matched by thread with contrasting white for ease of scanning. Photo 

Interactive Promotional Apparel introduces the perfect selling opportunity for multiple location decoration.  The QR code/tag works well on the sleeve, hem line of shirt or even the yoke of the neck. Url's can be interchanged with these same locations accenting a corporate logo on the front of the garment. Hats, bags, and other soft goods can also be customized with interactive embroidery.

EU Inc. is a technology driven company, utilizing the latest Tajima embroidery equipment, wireless network platform and the Seit Bridge Textile Laser Machine for laser etched & applique apparel. 

Look for video, case studies and more info to be posted next week. More resources to help you sell more! 

EU Inc. is a SanMar PSST decorator, no matter the size of your order or where you are located, ship SanMar PSST to EU Inc for free.