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Keep a look out for logo's like this, and read " How to Sell Laser Applique Apparel " .

The power of laser applique promotional apparel is the process is still so new- that most of these companies most likely have not seen their logo presented as a fashion forward, three dimensional embroidered applique. Sampling a client logo like this- would likely have a positive outcome and lead to a powerful connection.  

Here is a lead alert round up of company logo’s we have seen out and about town that would be perfect for laser applique. Since we are a contract only decorating company- we are sharing the leads. Make sure you “ like” the eu inc. Facebook page to stay in the know with future lead alerts. 


Henkel Consumer Goods Inc. North America office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Henkel is the name behind some of America’s favorite brands. From Dial soaps to Purex  laundry detergents, Right Guard antiperspirants, göt2b hair styling products, and Loctite   adhesives, I wonder if the folks at Henkel have ever seen their corporate logo as an applique? 

260372_10150300959455803_73855835802_9632452_5777972_s Headin' to Kierland Commons sometime soon? This vintage feel logo would be awesome as an appliqued design.. I doubt Ashley Young owner of Chloe's Corner has ever been pitched applique. Bonus! Chloe's Corner has a tourist audience and a retail corner within.. hmmm.. what a great opportunity for one of our customers.. here's more to get you started http://www.phoenixmag.com/dini ng/food-reviews/201005/ashly-y oung-of-chloe-s-corner/

267219_10150297550520803_73855835802_9595652_7745547_s Move.com is an online leader in real estate & relocation. Based in CA, their Scottsdale office faces the 101 . This logo would be perfect for applique, and I bet this company has never seen their logo decorated as an applique. It would look awesome. Who will be the first salesman to sample it and show them?


252825_10150282910050803_73855835802_9490891_5478583_s Sweet Daddy Cupcakes, Food Network " Cupcake Wars" competitor opened it's second shop recently in Chandler. This logo would be SWEEEET as an applique, and the finished garments as customized as their own Sweet Daddy Cupcakes . Any of our customers want to give them a call?




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