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QR Codes : Quick Read and Embroidered QR Code Campaigns..

Photo Photo What are they?

  • A two-dimensional code  scanned by smart phone cameras to bring up text, photos, videos, music and URLs.
  • These codes utilize mobile-friendly technology to point people to online resources that should provide marketing value when scanned. 



  • While popular in Japan, they are still new here but growing in popularity , being introduced by marketers of all shapes and sizes. 


  • Several choices; most popular are: Microsoft Tag, QR Code, Scanlife EZcode, DataMatrix or Aztec.
  • Variables are: exclusivity, cost, customization features, scanner options

2D Reader Apps

  • QRafter, BeeTagg, scan.mobi, scanlife.com , red laser

What You Need For Your Campaign

  • Output -  Your code downloaded in desired file type, size, color, customized logo?
  • Code Format- Microsoft Tag, QR, ScanLife etc.
  • Stored data ( SMS, Contact info, hyperlink, video, customized url) Deliver value, educational content, exclusivity or engaging content.

How To Use It

  • Print in person, on site, by mail ( USPS 3% discount through August 31,2011, on decorated promotional product and decorated apparel

Decorated Apparel - Customize QR codes with signature thread colors ie; Fed-ex purple, Facebook Blue match by PMS to thread color and contrasting color to white thread. Not all QR codes need to be B & W. Read more about Interactive Apparel, embroidered QR campaigns here. 

Promotional Tips

  • Where will the consumer be at time of scan and what info will he need/ want? 
  • Internet connectivity at location of use
  • Lighting and location of code to scan- environment and ease to scan location of code. 

Make your content mobile. The content being read should be optimized for mobile viewing or you will lose your buyers interest. 

We love this simple HOW-To Start to Finish from Luckie Digital , Download it here. 

And comprehensive guide: http://interactivesnack.wordpress.com/2010/01/10/2d-codes-qr-code-datamatrix-code-microsoft-tag-bee-tag-and-resources/

Sell your clients on the unique, appealing concept of combining not just web addresses, or facebook url's- but now embroidered QR codes, Microsoft Tags and SMS Text Campaign Messages into their promotional apparel lines.

We can custom digitize and embroider your client's QR code or Tag, with beautiful scannable stitching and custom color contrast, i.e; famous facebook blue , color matched by thread with contrasting white for ease of scanning.  

Interactive Promotional Apparel introduces the perfect selling opportunity for multiple location decoration.  The QR code/tag works well on the sleeve, hem line of shirt or even the yoke of the neck. Url's can be interchanged with these same locations accenting a corporate logo on the front of the garment. Hats, bags, and other soft goods can also be customized with interactive embroidery.

EU Inc. is a technology driven company, utilizing the latest Tajima embroidery equipment, wireless network platform and the Seit Bridge Textile Laser Machine for laser etched & applique apparel. 

EU Inc. is a SanMar PSST decorator, no matter the size of your order or where you are located, ship SanMar PSST to EU Inc for free. 





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binary options

Now this is creativity at its best! I imagine pepole going in the streets with QR tattoos, QR shirts and ties.. this would be hillarious dont you think?

Custom QR Code

What a great promotional idea. QR codes are surely the new marketing aid to every company willing to prosper and increase its clientele.


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