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New Foam Applique and How to Increase Talk Time With Your Customers

Photo We always have something new to talk about at Eu inc.. embroidered QR codes, technology short cuts, laser etching on new seasonal products ( think fleece everything, denim etc.. ) Laser Fabric Applique for sports, school and corporate events, now the latest is foam applique.
This new process, Foam Applique is identical to laser cut applique using fabric, but instead we utilize foam . The look is over the top in 3 dimension- and for clients that like 3d ( puff) embroidery on headwear, emphasize symbols with their logo- or are just cutting edge and looking for something new, vibrant, fun and  different- we are giving you something to talk about! 
If you find yourself competing only on price for decorated apparel, or hitting a wall when it comes to creativity- if you have a client asking " Do you have any ideas?" .. or " We need to do something different.." than this is for you. If you would like to set up an appointment to discuss new techniques, laser etching, laser applique with fabric or foam, how to sell them or putting together a sample line just email us here, to get things started. Let's give you something to talk about... 


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