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Fashion Color Trends & Tools - The Pantone Color App..




According to Fashion Industry Leaders.. these are the hottest fashion colors for women for Spring/Summer 2012.. ( shown left)  The Good News? Of course, the color of the year-  tangerine is front and center- the lime essence look ( top left column color) and the pink in the left column, are all new colors I have seen in industry catalogs for Spring/Summer.

The Men's Collection of hot colors ( shown below right) also is represented well in industry catalogs and color choices. In our business, you don't just have to be creative- you also have to be confident that you are knowledgeable and you need to be specific when it comes to creative campaign content and color. 



 Pantone has created a super cool tool- the Pantone App, available in your Itunes and now at the Android App Store. For just a few bucks, the Pantone App gives you access to the Pantone library, build your own Pantone color or helps you match an client's favorite color to the existing Pantone library. You can email the color, Pantone number and information from within the app- to your favorite vendor. 

Now for an apparel decorator, this means instead of talking " blue" we are closer to talking in the same language. The Pantone/Embroidery Thread Color Match concept isn't perfect, and still requires sew-out approval- but it gets us very, very close - much, much faster!

Tools you can use!