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How To Always Get What You Want ..



Day in and day out.. how many times have you heard a customer say this? ... OR 




And then you spend a lot of time looking for " IT"...  and then the client says.. 


And so maybe you pass all of these statements on to your supplier and hope for the best, and in the end your client just might feel that they DIDN'T get what they want; because the color isn't what they "wanted", and the size of the logo could not be accomplished given the location specified. 

So, how DO you get what you want? How do you give your client what they want? It's about giving your decorator, or your supplier- all the information they need, and sitting down with your client to collaborate on the final product specs.

At EU Inc, we have taken the guesswork out of the ordering, with this easy, quick quote order form that prompts you to give us all the information we need, up front.  

Available within the EU Inc. mobile app  you can send us a quick pic through the app, or attach it to the quote, you can view digital thread charts from Madeira and Robison Anton to show your client and specify that exact shade of blue or red, and if the logo can't be done any bigger based on the location you indicate and the logo you send- we tell you in advance. You can view the slideshow for specific decoration techniques and use our shortcut to SanMar to look at product available for free shipping via our PSST account. The Embroidery Unlimited app is available from iTunes for iPad & iPhone, and for Android and HTML5 users too. 

We made this powerful tech tool just for you . Don't get caught empty handed, take it to your next appointment. The app is free, but it will save you time and money in the long run.   It's that easy.

Give us what we need and we'll give you what you want. 


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