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Product Safety.. A Necessary Knowledge

As a business owner, I am always interested in new ideas, trends and technology. As a contract decorator, I spend most of the business day focusing on the finer details of customer orders. In this changing business climate, the details are changing too. The final product details are no longer only about turnaround time and the due date, the finished quality, or even a competitive price. Today distributors are also responsible for protecting their clients brand, and delivering a finished product that to their best knowledge delivers a quality product without risk to the endusers personal safety.

To this end, I am proud to have participated in the first two PPAI Product Safety Summit events. EU Inc. is proud to be an early adopter of the "official " PPAI Product Safety Standards. What this means to our distributor clients is that we will navigate the waters with you, creating finished decorated product using the safest materials and guiding you along the way about the product choices you are making.

To stay ahead of the competitive curve, I recommend reading this  and this., don't miss this opportunity to be in the forefront, product safety is a necessary knowledge.

Read Paul Bellatone's latest installment of Connections " Delivering Confidence & Meeting Customer Expectations" to learn more about the new PPAI Product Safety Awareness Program.


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