Fun Friday

Easy Online Image Sharing and Bonus Celebrity Interview..


In this business, we move a lot of image files- in and out- to be digitized, approved, processed and even just to show off our work to friends and clients. Here are a couple top tech tools you can utilize, to make it even easier..

The most obvious- yet often overlooked; Facebook. Simply upload your photos or videos to and they will be available to everyone. Each photo can be shared with it's own url you can email, bookmark or post elsewhere. Look for this feature on the photo page. You can download high-res images , there is no storage limitation and the facebook app is widely used on smartphones. Check out our sample album , by clicking the button above. 

For easy viewing of your digitized design, see this free software tool you can download. 

Screen shot 2011-03-31 at 12.36.20 PM To edit your images online, try This free site has awesome simple tools for fixing , editing and resizing your pics. And now for that bonus celebrity interview.. Click here to see video by star reporter, daughter Olivia - all about EU Inc, a recent Fun Friday post to our Facebook Page

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Passion and Permission to Unplug

Photo Years ago, when I owned a large size contract embroidery company in Greensboro, NC- I was lucky enough to do business with the Orvis Company. Like I always do, I worked long, hard days back then, flying ( I got my first pilot's license back then..) and food were my only real hobbies outside of my growing business.

And then I met the good folks at Orvis, and memories of boyhood day trips spent fishing in the Northeast were awakened. Orvis gave me a lot of business back then, but most importantly they gave me the gift of a great new sport and the ability to see nature in a whole new way. They taught me the craft of flyfishing and gave me a hobby I could be passionate about. 

Since then I have been fortunate enough to fish Big Sky Montana, streams in New Mexico, Virginia and throughout my home state here in AZ.  Flyfishing has given me the opportunity to share the sport with my family, friends and even combine it with new business which is a fun change from the main markets I serve. 

Turns out flyfishing lodges are providing their own corporate outings... and corporations plan R& R corporate retreats to flyfishing destinations. A good reminder that we can all be passionate about an outside craft or hobby, and find a way to take our knowledge and passion and relate it to the business we are in..

Photo Yet to keep that passion for what we do alive, it's important we give ourselves permission to unplug. So tomorrow morning, I won't be doing my typical eu inc. invoicing, won't be answering the the phone at the office, and you won't find me in your email inbox. Instead, I will be recharging ...ahem,.. researching thread colors, on the banks of Canyon Creek.. 

Think smart. For more ideas on being a thought leader, social media and business 101, click here to visit Bruce's Business 101 Blog..