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The Power of Price Lists and Why They Aren't Perfect...

 Although this 2012 blog post still accurately reflects our pricing philosophy, our detailed pricing info for distributors has been updated here

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With twenty plus years of embroidery expertise behind Eu Inc, I have resisted for many years, on publishing a pricelist. I've taught seminars across the country, mentored other contract embroiderers, educated promotional product distributors, sewn amazingly large orders for apparel manufacturers, licensed pro teams, celebrities and marketing and promotional companies of all shapes and sizes- and throughout all of these experiences- I have never put my pricing on paper.  Instead, I have preferred working closely with a client, quoting their project directly after seeing art and talking numbers, believing that by doing business this way I offer better service, maintain production control and am always talking apples to apples.

We are a contract embroiderer, exclusively. We never sell direct. In addition to selling contract embroidery services, we have expanded our business to offer the latest in retail inspired decorating, laser etching and laser applique. With this expansion, and because we are a SanMar PSST decorator, we have found we are gaining new clients from online marketing. And in this information age, everybody wants everything, NOW, or at least a click away. We have always been tech savvy at EU Inc., running our business utlizing new technology and embracing the new age of digital marketing. So now, due to popular demand we are publishing these pricelists , laser etch & applique, and contract embroidery. 

What these pricelists don't do- is tell our story. It's tough to communicate our uniqueness, attention to the craft, and excellence in a list of numbers. It's also tough to tell you about all the things we DON"T charge you for, while we are listing what we DO charge you for. 

The bottom line is that these pricelists are meant to assist you with the learning process, the quote process, etc. They don't tell you what we do to make your product look it's best, they don't tell you how much money we save you, or the value of creating decorated products your clients love and will want to order more of- this just tells you the nuts and bolts. 

My door is always open, and I arrive at the office early with my still steaming Starbucks drip ( with a red-eye most days..) you can catch me by phone most easily each morning. Feel free to tell me what you think, call me for a customized quote or come by and show me what you have or pick up some price list copies if needed. 

The bottom line. . these price lists are a tool for you- meant to increase your efficiency . Don't hesitate to pick up the phone or shoot me an email if you have a question..

In a recent issue of INC Magazine, the editors discussed " How to Compete on Selling Value and Not Price" and  although I can appreciate the competitiveness of any market- value, excellence, and the highest quality is what we continually strive for- and provide. 

Value we provide. Contract pricing we provide. We provide a quick turnaround with large quantities or small windows, and we always provide the highest level of production expertise. We embroider for other embroiderers, we embroider for promotional product professionals- we won't ever compete with you and embroider for your customers. 



New Foam Applique and How to Increase Talk Time With Your Customers

Photo We always have something new to talk about at Eu inc.. embroidered QR codes, technology short cuts, laser etching on new seasonal products ( think fleece everything, denim etc.. ) Laser Fabric Applique for sports, school and corporate events, now the latest is foam applique.
This new process, Foam Applique is identical to laser cut applique using fabric, but instead we utilize foam . The look is over the top in 3 dimension- and for clients that like 3d ( puff) embroidery on headwear, emphasize symbols with their logo- or are just cutting edge and looking for something new, vibrant, fun and  different- we are giving you something to talk about! 
If you find yourself competing only on price for decorated apparel, or hitting a wall when it comes to creativity- if you have a client asking " Do you have any ideas?" .. or " We need to do something different.." than this is for you. If you would like to set up an appointment to discuss new techniques, laser etching, laser applique with fabric or foam, how to sell them or putting together a sample line just email us here, to get things started. Let's give you something to talk about... 

Leads & Lessons.. Selling Laser Applique!

Keep a look out for logo's like this, and read " How to Sell Laser Applique Apparel " .

The power of laser applique promotional apparel is the process is still so new- that most of these companies most likely have not seen their logo presented as a fashion forward, three dimensional embroidered applique. Sampling a client logo like this- would likely have a positive outcome and lead to a powerful connection.  

Here is a lead alert round up of company logo’s we have seen out and about town that would be perfect for laser applique. Since we are a contract only decorating company- we are sharing the leads. Make sure you “ like” the eu inc. Facebook page to stay in the know with future lead alerts. 


Henkel Consumer Goods Inc. North America office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Henkel is the name behind some of America’s favorite brands. From Dial soaps to Purex  laundry detergents, Right Guard antiperspirants, göt2b hair styling products, and Loctite   adhesives, I wonder if the folks at Henkel have ever seen their corporate logo as an applique? 

260372_10150300959455803_73855835802_9632452_5777972_s Headin' to Kierland Commons sometime soon? This vintage feel logo would be awesome as an appliqued design.. I doubt Ashley Young owner of Chloe's Corner has ever been pitched applique. Bonus! Chloe's Corner has a tourist audience and a retail corner within.. hmmm.. what a great opportunity for one of our customers.. here's more to get you started ng/food-reviews/201005/ashly-y oung-of-chloe-s-corner/

267219_10150297550520803_73855835802_9595652_7745547_s is an online leader in real estate & relocation. Based in CA, their Scottsdale office faces the 101 . This logo would be perfect for applique, and I bet this company has never seen their logo decorated as an applique. It would look awesome. Who will be the first salesman to sample it and show them?


252825_10150282910050803_73855835802_9490891_5478583_s Sweet Daddy Cupcakes, Food Network " Cupcake Wars" competitor opened it's second shop recently in Chandler. This logo would be SWEEEET as an applique, and the finished garments as customized as their own Sweet Daddy Cupcakes . Any of our customers want to give them a call?



4 Easy Steps to Spark , Engage & Grow Your Business

Photo It’s exciting and fresh,- and your enthusiasm can be contagious. As you educate your customer, You smile, you are focused, the positive and upbeat nature in your voice commands attention, it’s tone compelling as you explain the popularity and success with new technology mixing with promotional apparel. QR codes/ tags, laser etch visibility or the fashion appeal of applique. 

 New ideas can spark conversation. New ideas give you a reason to call that out of reach prospect, touch base with your customer- ENGAGE.  

Everyone is looking to grow their business. These 4 easy steps move you forward. 

  1. Attract: Attract new prospects. 
  2. Convert: Convert prospects into clients.
  3. Expand: Expanding existing business.
  4. Execute: Execute sales/fill orders. 

Positive, successful new trends and ideas attract attention. Giving prospects a new interactive use for promotional apparel and QR codes/tags is a great attention getting tool.

Using laser applique as a way to stand out in the call for embroidered apparel program bids is another way.  

Being the first to combine an attractive, value priced apparel product with the right decoration process and client is yet another way. You can use all of these ideas to get inspired by attending our Open House event Trends & Technology, Wed. June 15th. Drop by eu inc. between 9-11 to get informed, get inspired. 

Visit our EU Inc Open House Page for more info. Hope to see you there!




How to Sell Laser Applique and Make Great $$$

Photo Photo We have a growing number of distributors who are selling laser appliqued apparel- and their customers are loving the unique, new look . These same customers are taking healthy re-orders too and because we don’t want YOU missing out..Here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. Selling something something new and unique gives you a reason to start a new conversation. Pick up the phone and call that old client who may have taken his apparel program somewhere else. Chances are he hasn’t seen this process yet, and you can be the first to introduce it. 
  1. Look for for new prospects. Remember when you first got in the business? Every restaurant you dined in seemed like a new sales opportunity? That is how fresh and exciting laser applique is- because most companies have never seen their logo decorated this way. You have an exclusive to sell, a new technique they have never seen. 
  2. Look at logo’s all around you. Laser applique lets you use radically different textures of fabric to illustrate a logo. There are new prospects all around you that you can approach simply by showing them their logo in a way that has never been seen before. Look for these types of logo’s to get you started selling applique.  

    Logo’s with symbols. Any type of symbol, combined with lettering ( or not) can be       a good fit with laser applique. ( ie; The Mac Apple)  

    Word Art logo’s. Highly stylized lettering can be a great fit with applique. 

    Logo’s with a vintage, or retail appeal. 

    Logo’s with simple art element’s combined. 

    Logo's that communicate a cutting edge, hip, youthful or fashion type  feel.

   Complex logo’s that would typically require a large volume of embroidery stitches
( Because applique uses stitched down pieces of fabric pieces to cover large areas    with fewer stitches) 

    Dare to be different. Bidding on a new client? Make a statement by submitting     a sample of their logo using laser decoration. You will stand out , be memorable     and more than likely be the only distributor offering this process.