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The Power of Price Lists and Why They Aren't Perfect...

 Although this 2012 blog post still accurately reflects our pricing philosophy, our detailed pricing info for distributors has been updated here

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With twenty plus years of embroidery expertise behind Eu Inc, I have resisted for many years, on publishing a pricelist. I've taught seminars across the country, mentored other contract embroiderers, educated promotional product distributors, sewn amazingly large orders for apparel manufacturers, licensed pro teams, celebrities and marketing and promotional companies of all shapes and sizes- and throughout all of these experiences- I have never put my pricing on paper.  Instead, I have preferred working closely with a client, quoting their project directly after seeing art and talking numbers, believing that by doing business this way I offer better service, maintain production control and am always talking apples to apples.

We are a contract embroiderer, exclusively. We never sell direct. In addition to selling contract embroidery services, we have expanded our business to offer the latest in retail inspired decorating, laser etching and laser applique. With this expansion, and because we are a SanMar PSST decorator, we have found we are gaining new clients from online marketing. And in this information age, everybody wants everything, NOW, or at least a click away. We have always been tech savvy at EU Inc., running our business utlizing new technology and embracing the new age of digital marketing. So now, due to popular demand we are publishing these pricelists , laser etch & applique, and contract embroidery. 

What these pricelists don't do- is tell our story. It's tough to communicate our uniqueness, attention to the craft, and excellence in a list of numbers. It's also tough to tell you about all the things we DON"T charge you for, while we are listing what we DO charge you for. 

The bottom line is that these pricelists are meant to assist you with the learning process, the quote process, etc. They don't tell you what we do to make your product look it's best, they don't tell you how much money we save you, or the value of creating decorated products your clients love and will want to order more of- this just tells you the nuts and bolts. 

My door is always open, and I arrive at the office early with my still steaming Starbucks drip ( with a red-eye most days..) you can catch me by phone most easily each morning. Feel free to tell me what you think, call me for a customized quote or come by and show me what you have or pick up some price list copies if needed. 

The bottom line. . these price lists are a tool for you- meant to increase your efficiency . Don't hesitate to pick up the phone or shoot me an email if you have a question..

In a recent issue of INC Magazine, the editors discussed " How to Compete on Selling Value and Not Price" and  although I can appreciate the competitiveness of any market- value, excellence, and the highest quality is what we continually strive for- and provide. 

Value we provide. Contract pricing we provide. We provide a quick turnaround with large quantities or small windows, and we always provide the highest level of production expertise. We embroider for other embroiderers, we embroider for promotional product professionals- we won't ever compete with you and embroider for your customers.